I guess the word “hacker” hadn’t been invented yet.

You know, this is – for the most part – strangely accurate. “Police computer-fraud squads” sound like the dreamy technological fantasy of an eighties-era Imaginationland, but we really do have those now! Their officers are probably not as sharply dressed, however. Why did people think, three decades ago, that we would one day revert to […]

Breaking News: Gamers reinforce stereotype by not having girlfriends

The misconception about gamers being an inept and unrefined breed has persisted for years. You know the one I’m talking about: The Gamer’s face, resplendent with whiteheads, is bathed by the eerie glow of a monitor into obscene hours of the night. He wears a Cheeto-stained size XXL promotional t-shirt that he got for free […]

First, space. Next stop: your closet.

Hussein Chalayan is a Cyprus-born fashion designer, noted for the quirky technological inspirations behind many of his designs. Wooden skirts that collapse into round coffee tables, solar-panelled dresses, and clothes that radiate laser beams: none of these are an unusual sight in Chalayan’s work. The dress shown above, from his Fall 2006 collection, is admittedly […]