Review: 7 Grand Steps

[This was originally published in issue #237 of Hyper Magazine, July 2013.] 7 Grand Steps is a beautifully tactile thing. You’ll likely find yourself chain-feeding representations of tokens into its interface like a casino-goer, each familiar kachink of the coin dropping feeling like a strange comfort. But, unlike the rarely-lucky gambler, 7GS’ payout is huge. […]

Alice: Madness Returns

[Originally published in issue #194 of PC PowerPlay magazine, September 2011.] Eleven years ago, American McGee’s Alice saw Lewis Carroll’s iconic children’s tale re-imagined as a surreal and gothic third-person platforming adventure, set in the recesses of a tortured teenager’s mind. Alice: Madness Returns broadly extends on the original game in every way, from the inventiveness of the […]

Darwinia: A game with soul.

I typically can’t stand to see the Internet portrayed in film or, to a growing extent, games. Inexplicably, the Internet, when passed through the field of reality-based fiction, takes on a laughable representation of itself replete with intense augmented-reality interfaces, often controlled through physical manipulation (think Tom Cruise in Minority Report), and of course powered […]