Too many reasons why

I’ve been watching the #1reasonwhy hashtag on Twitter with an anxious kind of understanding. Like, part of me wants to jump right in and post a dozen of my own experiences, but I’ve also learned what happens if you say that shit publicly: you’re berated, blamed, dismissed. I’ve been there. But why the fuck should […]

I guess the word “hacker” hadn’t been invented yet.

You know, this is – for the most part – strangely accurate. “Police computer-fraud squads” sound like the dreamy technological fantasy of an eighties-era Imaginationland, but we really do have those now! Their officers are probably not as sharply dressed, however. Why did people think, three decades ago, that we would one day revert to […]

Yeah, I really do like keeping “my purse” on Facebook.

So I don’t usually write about non-game stuff, because I don’t typically find it very interesting. But you’ll have seen this god-awful trend by now, and possibly wondered, “what the fuck?” You know the one I’m talking about: all of a sudden, the otherwise well-behaved girls on your Facebook friends list are making lewd status […]