dead inside

That’s what I’ve been telling people when they’ve asked what I’ve been up to. “How’re you doing?” “Um, kinda dead inside.” People generally dislike the concept of death – fair enough. I shouldn’t be surprised when I receive more than a raised eyebrow in response. Honestly, though, I don’t mean to be scary or overly […]

Covetous, or how Andrew Brophy made me think long and hard about my approach to life

Covetous. That’s apparently what a video game manifestation of me would look like, according to indie superstar and my good friend Andrew Brophy. He has this hilarious theory, see, that game developers look like their games, in much the same way dog owners look like their drooling pooches. (It’s something that will be expounded upon […]

On Hipstamatic, Myspace angles and feeling goddamn fucking awful all the time

All right, I’m saying this not because anybody said anything, not that anyone even cares, even, but because I’m almost ashamed of myself. I uploaded a new profile photo of myself yesterday to Facebook and Twitter. I’m not sure if it’s myself or my Anxiety Cat counterpart speaking when, upon receiving some sort of comment […]