PAX 2015 Games Criticism Talk: More Than a Score

Last weekend I was lucky enough to give a talk at PAX Prime alongside fellow game critics Zach Alexander, Austin Walker, and Aevee Bee. A couple of people have asked whether the talk will be online anywhere, and while there’s no footage out there (to my knowledge), I figured I’d do the next best thing […]

Review: 7 Grand Steps

[This was originally published in issue #237 of Hyper Magazine, July 2013.] 7 Grand Steps is a beautifully tactile thing. You’ll likely find yourself chain-feeding representations of tokens into its interface like a casino-goer, each familiar kachink of the coin dropping feeling like a strange comfort. But, unlike the rarely-lucky gambler, 7GS’ payout is huge. […]

Power to the Players

[An interview with Warren Spector to coincide with the Game Masters exhibition at ACMI. Originally published in issue #228 of Hyper magazine, August 2012.] “If I’ve done anything in my 29 years of making games, it’s that I’ve championed a single idea and been sort of bull-headed about pursuing that idea.” Warren Spector – one of the […]

Freeplay 2012: Legitimacy

I’m so incredibly grateful I got to be so involved in this year’s Freeplay Independent Games Festival, which concluded barely a fortnight ago. I was a speaker in the conversation session Games and Words, exchanging thoughts on the written word’s relevance to video games. On the panel Levels of Discourse, I contributed to a discussion […]

Covetous, or how Andrew Brophy made me think long and hard about my approach to life

Covetous. That’s apparently what a video game manifestation of me would look like, according to indie superstar and my good friend Andrew Brophy. He has this hilarious theory, see, that game developers look like their games, in much the same way dog owners look like their drooling pooches. (It’s something that will be expounded upon […]

Disdain at the D.I.S.C.O.

[Originally in issue #5 of Ctrl+Alt+Defeat magazine, March 2012.] I’m in Menethil Harbour. I’m fishing. It’s many hours past sundown, the dusky blue sky reflecting on the ocean, reflecting the shadows outside my bedroom window. The cataclysm is yet to rend this quiet harbour town, plunging its inhabitants and half its buildings beneath water. No […]