Action Painting Pro

Discovered this gorgeous game/art tool by Aussie dev Ian MacLarty (one of the guys behind Boson X). In Action Painting Pro, you’re throwing buckets of paint around. Or maybe you’re scrawling on the walls with a giant pencil. Sometimes, you bleed giant pixel-like things. The colours, the platforms, the music – it all evolves constantly as you pursue your art. Like all artistic careers, the fun ends when you’re out of inspiration, money, or passion – but you’ll always have something to show for it.

It’s an exquisite, near-perfect metaphor of creative and mechanical processes, and how the two play off each other. Creating is such joy. I want to slap every “artwork” I create with this squarely on my fridge door. Look what I made, mom!

You’ve gotta download it right away: Windows / Mac


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