Too many reasons why

I’ve been watching the #1reasonwhy hashtag on Twitter with an anxious kind of understanding. Like, part of me wants to jump right in and post a dozen of my own experiences, but I’ve also learned what happens if you say that shit publicly: you’re berated, blamed, dismissed. I’ve been there.

But why the fuck should I have to fear posting this? I’ve been quiet on Twitter and Facebook lately, for many reasons, but you know what? I think I’ll make my own list of Reasons Why right here:

  • Because when I tell people what I do for a living, they still say, “But you don’t actually play games, right?”
  • Because, at university, I had a classmate say, “I know for a fact that women don’t understand games. I know. I have a mother.”
  • Because when a man condescends to me, I’m told it’s because I’m wearing a pink skirt.
  • Because we still have people saying, on a daily basis, that sexism will go away if we just stop talking about it.
  • Because when I call out this behaviour, I’m told it’s my fault for having an “attitude problem” and maybe I should be less of a bitch.
  • Because when a fellow games student from my university comments on my articles, he says that I should stop whining and just accept that games journalism is a boys’ club – even though I’ve gotten far further in my games journalism career than he ever did.
  • Because when I tell the PR rep I want to look at AAA console games, he takes me to the pink Facebook games anyway.
  • Because I have other women in the games industry tell me to “just be quiet” if I don’t want to be harassed.
  • Because I’m told to “stand up for myself” – and then, when I do something like this, I’m dismissed.
  • Because I’m scared to post this on Twitter.