Limbo 2 announced: Activision giving obscure indie game new lease on life

You played Limbo, right? It was okay. Maybe a bit difficult. And what the hell was with the story?  Dude just walked around a lot and there was that chick and random brain slugs and then suddenly it was THE END and I had to ask a friend with a degree to try and explain its plot to me. Also, why was it in black and white? Can these “indie developers” not afford colours or something?

Limbo 2: The Bar's Been Lowered

Thankfully, Activision have announced that they have picked up the rights to Limbo 2, and they’ll be making the super awesome hardcore game that the first Limbo failed to be.

One of the creative minds at Activision, Chuck Lesuche, has released this excellent video to give us a taste of what to expect from the next exciting game in the series. Personally, I’m really looking forward to the implementation of “deathstreaks”. I’m not used to dying in games and the constant deaths I had to endure in the first Limbo really took their toll on my self-esteem, so this is a welcome change; once again I can be assured of my gaming prowess by simply checking my deathstreak. Being rewarded for a high deathstreak with predator missiles will be pretty sweet too, what do you guys think?

No plans for online multiplayer deathmatch modes have been announced yet, but as Activision truly realises the value of online play, I am sure this is something they are working to perfect at the moment and will be announcing soon.

Watch the video, and don’t forget to pre-order your Game of the Year Edition now.


44 thoughts on “Limbo 2 announced: Activision giving obscure indie game new lease on life

  1. This video was terrible…”fuck the core audience”? What the hell is that about? The story to LIMBO isn’t hard to follow at all, and yes, it was difficult, for n00bs that have never played a puzzle game in their lives. The black and white was meant to give an eerie feel to the game, and the “constant deaths” was a result of you doing the same stupid thing over and over. The story to LIMBO wasn’t hard to follow at all,a nd I think Playdead wanted to give the players an oppertunity to use their imagination to add on to the “first chapter” so to speak. You’re basically a boy searching for his lost sister in LIMBO, the place between earth and hell. If you look at themain menu, you see a treehouse with a broken ladder, and flies swarming two patches on the ground. This suggests that both his sister and the boy died, and he’s searching for her in LIMBO. Pretty easy derp

    • Thank you so FUCKING MUCH. I honestly couldn’t have said that better. They better not fudge this game up. Cuz that video wasted time of my life and was gay. I loved this game and the story and the style.

    • i love limbo as well the style and every thing about this game should stay with it in limbo 2. i want to learn more of the story in limbo 2 does the boy and sister go to heaven or hell or are they traped in limbo. you never see games like this and i feel like limbo 2 should stay in the hands of playdead. why fix something that is far from broken.

      • Omg, so if you suck at the game, then they will just make it easier for you… That is ridiculous. So they are going to take away everything that made Limbo 1 awesome and make a fail of a Limbo 2… Brilliant idea. I guess I’m not going to play Limbo 2.

    • seriously dude the game wasnt that hard… and i loved it black n white… if it was colourful i would hv played it even.. it gave the theme…. i loved everything of the game… and the limbo 2 maker shouldnt put colours and ol that bullshit he promised

    • wish i could thumbs up, or +1, or like or something to this comment… ;-)

      Limbo is the shiz; the puzzles are great and it has the perfect atmosphere for the theme of the story. Oh, and the in-game physics and ambient sound effects are awesome! Agree with PJ: “amazingly original and refreshing.” Hope to see more like this in the future.

  2. i been playing video games since the atari 2600 days. I have played a ton of video games. This is one of the best games i have played in a long time. Most of the definitely the most memorable one. This game got high praise by critics as well as the gaming community. Gamespot gave this game editors choice award. They don’t give just to anyone. Game is AWESOME waiting eagerly for Limbo 2.

  3. shut the F*** Up right now,

    you say LIMBO was a bad game and failed to be awesome, maybe you are so stupid to think developers lack of colors to put in, it was the presentation and art of the game
    it’s not necessary that every game has shiny colors.
    and FYI, the game was a critical acclaim worldwide and got positive response from everybody,
    the story was confusing yeah, but that make it bad game ?

    • i know right, i dont see why they think it needs color, i dont think it would have been AS good with color and it be less challenging with color and then whats the point in that? i dont get why ppl think so bad of it either it was done fine to me ^^

  4. the game was good so fuck off people. It was ment to be black and white, and the story was there to get your imagination going. I was interested in seeing a Limbo 2, but your a bunch of assholes who didn’t even like the first one… FUCK YOU!

  5. This game… I so ENVY the beauty of this masterpiece. Everything about it: the atmosphere, the creepy and unique art style that makes the world what it was meant to portray and a story left open to people’s imagination. Mystery. This game is pure mystery to me. A brilliantly executed game of both genius and imagery and leaving everything up to the player to decide what might have happened. That is a true adventure in my book.

  6. Your an idiot, hes in limbo. do you even know what limbo is? that game was a classic, different and smart. Yeah it was a bit short but the suspence was good. I know your used to classic endings, but do you want the same old plot in games, all the time. I was finally happy to play something that didnt follow the norm. I give it 4.5 spuds.

  7. Personally i loved limbo<3 i love the black and white and the story cause sometimes the more simple things ARE best, everyone has there OWN opinion but i think the game was great. i dont get all the hate its getting on here O.O playdead did an amazing job and hte game was beautifully done<3 and i feel the 2nd might now be as good but im exited to see

  8. seriously if u are saying that style , dark atmosphere of limbo is not good and it needs to be changed to look like manga cartoons ….all gay n colorful …then u dont even know what ur talkin about …..limbo is simple with proper physics n an addictive gameplay that gives such an awesome experience in such a simple way ! and u joke around that playdead cudnt afford colors …….the black and white defines the word limbo ( if u noe wat that is ) ………and your rating this based on how much you were dying !! playdead itself announced that it was a trial death game ……. actvision anythin its gonna b a fail…. “super awesome hardcore limbo failed to be ” ??? …plzzzzz…gimme a break !!

  9. LIMBO was fantastic. For a simple, side-scrolling, indie game it was all anyone could ask for. Whoever wrote this article is a fucking simpleton. Sorry there are no explosions, or sniper rifles, or people picking up hookers and fucking in cars. If you want that shit go to your cliche GTA or COD games like every other fanboy out there and leave the clever, thought-provoking games to us with broader imaginations. You want a story? A little kid loses his sister and goes looking for her…the end. God, people like you infuriate me.

    Oh, and Activision? Way to fuck up what was a good thing (because I know you will).

  10. im not sure what you think was wrong with the first limbo, bleh adding color seems like a bad idea, it ws GREAT with black and white. And i can see the story pretty simple..
    i love limbo, they did fantastic.i think some people are waaay to hard on the game.
    plus i dont expect the actual place Limbo to be all colorfull and stuff. i think they did perfect, but thats my own opinion

  11. Hilarious that so many of these comments are from “broad-minded” individuals with bountiful imaginations, and yet very few of them are appreciating how funny this article and the video actually are. It’s a piss-take, a sleight against crappy developers and a dig at COD “gamers”. Please have the decency to think before you post.

  12. Dude, youre really making me sick. Limbo was an absolutely beautiful game. No, it wasn’t as easy as running around aimlessly in COD. It actually required you to think. I know that’s a lot to ask from someone like you. And the original LIMBO was a game for hardcore gamers, the kind that don’t go to YouTube every time they get stuck. I probably won’t buy limbo 2 now that activision bought rights, seeing how they have butchered so many other games with so much potential. It’s sad really.

  13. activision are actualy making the 2nd one in colour? i will now not play it since Activision have a habbit or making good games shit! the Black and White actualy gave the game more depth! what the hell you saying they going to make tghe 2nd one the HARDCORE game the first failed to be? you need to be shot. the first game was a huge success!

  14. lol…that video is funnnyyy…nice job, took some effort though, good job. i thought you were serious about saying Limbo 1 sucked. i thought u got paid by activision to put that up..he he

  15. “Thankfully, Activision have announced that they have picked up the rights to Limbo 2, and they’ll be making the super awesome hardcore game that the first Limbo failed to be” ???

    You’re an Super Ass-Hole for sayin’ that… you suck you idiot. You’ve just embarrased your self. LIMBO is one of the best game i’ve ever played.

  16. Screw those who say LIMBO was bad… this gave a new dimension to the naive idea of gaming so far. a 3d platform game with no tutorial, no cutscenes, in greyscale and it one was the best game i’ve ever played… if you wants colors and a good feel all the time, go play dora n00b.

  17. hilarious…the person who made this obviously likes the game as much as we do and does an excellent job of exploiting limbo fans deep seated fears of colour! – Dont worry guys! despite our possessive terror about the sequel disappointing us .the new one sounds great – and i like the murky introduction of colour in the concept art and have absolute faith in Playdead to get it right, even if i have to wait til late 2014! Oh and i love this little mockumentary video..its really funny – if you take it seriously you dont get it -.belly laughs all round.

  18. Though I have never played it, I have watched videos all about Limbo, and I love the black and white effect of Limbo as well as the story. I really hope that Limbo 2 continues the story and the style of the original one.

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