Instant History

At least somebody thinks I'm specialI was once advised to never get into the “are games art?” discussion, and it’s entirely understandable why. You’d need to define art first, and as a purely subjective thing, art simply can’t be discussed without warranting an endless loop of (often pretentious) debate. It’s really not worth arguing with your friends over.

Personally, for me, I consider something artful if it sets out with the intention to make me think, and succeeds. Of course, even I realise that I’m probably wrong there, because that would exclude works of great technical skill – the Mona Lisa, for instance – that don’t tend to make me think anything more than “Oooh, pretty. I guess.”

Recently, Heavy Rain has also challenged my very loose definition of the subject. Very enjoyable game, no doubt; I lost weeks to the damn thing, and probably a small portion of mental health as well. You see, I had some stuff going on in the real world then, stuff from which even gaming couldn’t provide an escape.

I did a write-up of my thoughts on my Destructoid blog, and surprisingly enough got front-paged. Read it here, while I hit F5 on the stuttering, unwatchable video that will supposedly explain what Icarus is.


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