First, space. Next stop: your closet.

Most amazing dress ever

Hussein Chalayan is a Cyprus-born fashion designer, noted for the quirky technological inspirations behind many of his designs. Wooden skirts that collapse into round coffee tables, solar-panelled dresses, and clothes that radiate laser beams: none of these are an unusual sight in Chalayan’s work.

The dress shown above, from his Fall 2006 collection, is admittedly tame in comparison, but its Space Invaders-inspired print will surely amuse some gamer fans. I might be a little late on this one, but I’m still in mourning from missing out on my own Space Invaders dress.

It was three or four years ago that I spied a grey-and-blue version of the dress in the window of a tiny Melbourne boutique. Delighted, I dragged my companion into the store with me and demanded to try on the dress.

Despite only being available in one size, I slipped its silky fabric over my head, feeling as though I was being blanketed by a piece of heaven itself.

“I don’t like it,” my unstylish friend said bluntly. “It looks like a sack with silly square monsters on it.”

“They’re not monsters, they’re space invaders,” I cried, but she was right; it looked roomy enough to haul a potato farm’s harvest in. Sadly, I put the oversized dress back on the rack.

It’s probably clear that, four years on, I still regret that decision. After all, its shapelessness could have been resolved with the aid of a belt. As it happens, I have since acquired a Pac-Man belt, but it’s cold comfort when I have no similarly retro game-themed dress to wear it with.

Another Space Invaders dress... and it comes in shirt form, too!By the looks of it, a long-sleeved dress and a  smart-looking shirt were also made using the pixellated print.


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